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If you have a basic understanding of the sport and online betting, betting with the National Basketball Association can be profitable and fun. At Odds Shark, we don't like to honk - unless someone stops us on the freeway - but we're experts in basketball betting. In fact, we are experts in betting on every sport and we want to share our knowledge with you through this NBA betting guide so you can pick smart baskets while learning how to bet and win basketball. Because basketball is a high-scoring sport, the spread on an NBA game is often more than five (5) points. Sometimes the spread has no decimal point (0.5) and you will see a whole number. Using the same example of the NBA betting tips above, if the spread is 17 instead of 17.5 and the Warriors win by 17 points, it means the Kings lose by the same amount, which is called a PUSH. In this case, you will get your money back as if your bet never happened. NBA Totals: Combined Score Betting To place a total bet, you can bet on whether the final total will be over or under a specified number of points. If the New Orleans Pelicans take on the Houston Rockets, the odds are as follows: option point over 220 Under 220 Over means the total must be over 220 to win your bet. If you choose UNDER, the total must be 219 or less to win your bet. PUSHES on OVER/UNDER bets can also occur when the split point reaches the exact number set by the oddsmaker. Live Odds: Bet as the game goes on Betting sites offer real-time odds as games are played.

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Whether you're heading to the betting market to bet on the regular-season game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies, or you're wondering how to bet on the NBA Finals, we've got online betting tutorials for you. What's the best way to bet on basketball? Before we explain how to bet money on NBA games, you should be familiar with how NBA odds are explained in sports betting. FYI - Sportsbook is the industry name for "betting sites". How to Read Basketball Odds Let's start with the basics and let's explain basketball odds. Betting odds are always marked with a plus sign (+) for the underdogs and a minus sign (-) for the favourites. E.g: team odds San Antonio Spurs - 110 Orlando Magic +110 The numbers next to the plus and minus signs are the actual odds. This is based on a bettor who placed a $100 bet. $10 is Juice or Vitality - a fee sportsbooks take from each bet. You don't have to bet $100. You can bet $50 or $1,500 or $27. How much you bet is up to you. Braces are expensive, so bet your child will end up with crooked teeth.


Now that we've covered the basketball betting lines, let's get started with basketball betting. Money Line betting: Choose the team to win the SU Moneyline, also known as a straight up (SU) bet, is a bet that determines the winner. For example, if the Toronto Raptors are the favorites in a game against the Boston Celtics, you can bet they'll win right away. The odds look like this: team odds Toronto - 260 Boston +220 If you bet $40 on the Raptors and they win, you'll get a $55.38 bonus - your original $40 is returned along with your $15.38 win. Conversely, on a Celtics winning bet, the same $40 will get you $128 -- your original $40 plus your $88 loot will be returned. Our odds calculator will tell you how much you will win and how much you bet based on the odds. Betting on the loser is considered a riskier bet because oddsmakers - the people who set the lines on betting sites - predict that the team will not win. That's not to say you shouldn't bet on dogs and only pick favorites. As long as you put your bets properly, you can win big in the big surprise. Don't worry, we'll cover handicap strategies below. Spreads: Which Squad Covers? Like NFL betting, when two NBA teams are evenly matched

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the spread offers NBA bettors an alternative to picking one team to beat the other. Dogs gain an advantage before the race, and the favorite dog is at a disadvantage. Quotas look like this: Team points distribution Golden State Warriors - 17.5 Sacramento Kings +17.5 In this case, the Kings must either win the game outright or lose by 17 points or less. The Warriors need to win by 18 points or more. When making this type of bet, choose a team that covers the spread. You will often see ATS associated with such bets. It means "against the spread"Odds: Bet as the game goes on Betting sites offer real-time odds as games are played. With live betting you can bet on things like every game and the next scoring team or changing the spread. If you see live odds that you like, accept them as soon as possible, as they will disappear quickly. The faster you can make choices online in real time, the better. Prop Betting: Keep It Easy During the NBA season, you will see prop bets. In sports betting, a prop (short for proposition) is a bet on the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain events or highlights that may not be directly related to the outcome of the game. You'll see milestone-based props for NBA players and teams, such as: • How many assists will Russell Westbrook have? • How many points will the Indiana Pacers score against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first quarter? • .


How many rebounds will Joel Embiid have against the New York Knicks? Props are considered more fun than other basketball bets because you don't have to worry about the team covering the spread or winning the game outright. Futures: Long-Term Betting NBA futures are bets on timely events. Of course, all bets are placed on events that haven't happened yet, but futures are made weeks and months ahead of events. In the online sportsbook of your choice, you will see the following bets: • Total regular-season wins per team • Will Team X make the playoffs? • Which team will win the championship? • Who will be named Rookie of the Year? • Who is the MVP champion's favorite? Futures bets can be placed at any time prior to the start of the event. Oddsmakers publish their odds before the season starts, so it's best to know the odds early, before they change. Parlays: Many bets on one ticket This type of betting allows you to combine two or more bets on a single bet slip. Parlays allow you to get paylines from one game, total points from another game, and spreads from another game. For example, a pass ticket might look like this: Milwaukee Bucks Moneyline + Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers Total + Dallas Mavericks to make up the difference In this type of betting, all bets on your lottery ticket must be met or it will be considered a loser. If you lose one in a row, you lose your entire bet. You can also make cross-sport parlay bets and add college football and NHL bets to your basketball picks. In fact, you can create tickets for all sports that run concurrently with the NBA season. We have a parlay calculator that shows you what you will win based on the odds of each bet on your lottery. Our tool allows you to add up to 100 bets, although most sportsbooks only offer parlays for up to 10 teams. Want to learn how to bet on the NBA? At Odds Shark, we have the best tips and tricks to start winning your NBA bets. Your Basketball Betting Handicap When oddsmakers set odds, they take many factors into consideration. They look back on past performances, coaches and injuries. With this in mind, you must develop an NBA betting strategy. See which team is playing at home when you let your bets spread. It's important to consider home field advantage, especially when the opposing team has played multiple games at the end of a road trip or in recent nights. Fatigue can make or break your team and affect your bets. Another betting strategy to consider is momentum. When a team gets hot, they can often put together a huge winning streak, either directly or counter-propagated. Likewise, bad teams can pile up piles of blowout losses. Keep an eye out for spikes in these seasonal dynamics and seize opportunities early. Finally, our pages can help you bet wisely: Betting Trends - How Teams Have Performed Historically ATS, SU Consensus - betting on which side the audience supports Free Tips - See what our supercomputers are predicting Stats - how the team performed on offense and defense Referee stats - how striped players can change the game with one call Database - How the team performed as home/away, as dog/favorite Ladder Placement - Where does the team rank compared to the rest of the league? Team reports - injuries, field goal percentages and all the other info you need to bet on Power Rankings - View each roster weekly How to Sign Up for Sportsbooks to Bet on the NBA Now that you know how to bet on NBA games, you need to find a place to bet. Step 1: Choose a Sportsbook Choose your favorite one. Sportsbook is the betting site you visit to bet on the NBA. Every betting site we support is trustworthy, secure and meets our standards.If not, we wouldn't recommend them. There are plenty of places to bet in the NBA. Visit our best NBA betting sites to find the sports betting book for you!

Blackjack is not a team sport. In the long run, poor performance by other players will not affect the casino's advantage over you.
There are seven important factors players should focus on when sitting at a blackjack table to maximize their long-term results.
If you don't know the background of someone giving blackjack strategy advice in print or online, I suggest you google their name to see if they're a famous player, author, or even better, respected Blackjack
HTTPs:// mathematician behavior.
A few years ago, I wrote an article with misinformation about blackjack collected from players, dealers, movies, and the Internet. I thought I had heard and read all the ridiculous misconceptions about blackjack for the past 50 years; however, I was wrong, absolutely wrong.

That's because I recently received a casino player's print magazine published in the U.S. that blew my mind with an article on blackjack strategy.

bad advice
"From a strategic standpoint, some golden rules have had a huge impact on the way I play," the authors wrote. Here's some "wisdom" from the author.

“First and foremost, you need to understand the fact that every player at a blackjack table plays an important role in how the game is played. ... When seated at a blackjack table, the first thing to consider is you Where you want to sit and what responsibilities you want at the table. The first seat (first base) and the last seat (third base) of the table pretty much determine the outcome of the game. If these two players don't understand the game basic strategy rules, then the odds for each player at the table change.”

The author goes on to offer other incredibly wrong advice, such as the following.

"First base sets the tone for the entire table. If the dealer has anything between 3 and 6, the table shouldn't take any unnecessary cards that could end up being the dealer's hole cards that the dealer needs."

To say I was surprised by what the author wrote and the publisher who published it would be an understatement. I'm also sorry for the blackjack players who read this article and believe the above "strategy advice" is correct. I've emailed this article to the editor of the magazine; now I'm going to state the facts players should know when sitting at a blackjack table.


blackjack strategy

The unsuspecting player's expectation dropped to -11.26%, which was expected due to his stupid play.
But basic strategy players' expectations were -0.282%, basically unchanged.
This proves beyond doubt that poor performances by other players won't change your long-term expectations (or odds of winning) in blackjack.

selective memory
Yes, but I know what many of you are probably thinking right now. Probably so.

"I was playing blackjack last week when an unsuspecting player hit his 14 on third base against the dealer's up, drew a face card, and was out. Then the dealer turned him over. face down, a 10 gives her a 14. The next card she draws is a 7 of 21, which beats the table. If the idiot is standing on his 14th third base like he should, the dealer Face cards will be dealt and out, and we'll all be winners."

Unfortunately, most casino players have "selective memory." You will remember losing a hand (or hands) because another player played his or her wrong hand. Also, some players will scold the third baseman for making stupid plays.

However, suppose the two cards in the shoe are opposite; that is, the third baseman is hit, dealt 7 for 21, and the dealer then receives the face card and goes out.

Which player would congratulate third base for "hitting 14 to save the table"? I doubt it. This is what I call selective memory. You remember those "bad beats" that sometimes happen when you're playing blackjack, and you want to blame someone for your losses. However, the truth is:

Every time a player plays the wrong hand, they "hurt" other players 50% of the time and "help" them 50% of the time. In the end, it's a shuffle, which means that a statistically bad player won't change the odds or house edge of the base strategy player.

Casino gambling is not an arcane knowledge system reserved only for the elite. If you're not Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, or Neil deGrasse Tyson, then if you are, you're left out.

7 smart gambling tips are:

Understand how the game is played

Crowded tables are best

Know the system you're playing

How big should your bet be?

Know when to leave the game

Recommended money management system

Don't sweat for the game

No, in fact, every casino player probably has the intelligence to understand how the game is played, what the probabilities are, how the casino makes money from the game, and what system the player prefers to use during the game with the least amount of time lost.

What else do you need to know? The speed of the game is an important piece of information. A 2% edge in a game of about 40 decisions per hour is far better than a 1% game with 150 decisions based on the same dollar stake. The house edge is not the only criterion for judging whether a game can eat your money.

How full is the table for your favorite game? A crowded table makes more money for the casino, but it costs less if a player bets wisely. This is of course a consideration.

My conclusions from personal, non-scientific observations after playing casino games for 30 years are short and sweet; gamers in general don't understand the games they play. Many do, but many more do not. This is especially true for slot machine players. In addition, many players also believe in superstitions that are obviously nonsense.

So what should we do? The following seven gambling tips are certainly a starting point for casino players. They will put you on the right path.

[Please note: All references to Roulette are based on the American Double Zero Wheel (0, 00). Unless otherwise stated, references to blackjack are based on an average six-deck game. ]

Tip #1: Know how to play the game

Tip #4: How to Adjust Your Bet
If I bet a few cents at the casino, winning or losing would be pointless, because a cent or two is not a heartbreaking bet. However, if I sold my house, sold my car, emptied my bank account and any other investments I had, and bet it all on the casino, I could be…death. I think my heart can't take it.

According to my mentor, the late craps captain, our stakes should be enough to get the blood flowing, add excitement, and while it's not the fear of losing that makes us a little swoon, no stakes should be enough to jeopardize our money or our bodies healthy.

It's not a good situation to wake up in the morning and ask yourself, "How much did I bet yesterday?"

[Please note: I have written about Captain in my book. He was actually my mentor. ]

Casino gambling is meant to be a fun activity, but not in times of desperation. Gambling too much is bad. Likewise, wagering does not give the thrill we seek in casinos.

I think the Greek philosopher Hesiod was right to write (and I'm explaining): "All things in moderation."

This phrase especially applies to casino players and their betting options.

Tip #5: Know when to leave the game
The worst and most frustrating way to start a casino meeting/journey is to hit so fast that you find yourself at the bottom of a deep pit and your plan for the next day or two is to find yourself digging out your own way out. They don't even care about winning, like they don't get buried.

Obviously, you feel like you'll have to play a bit more to dig and fill that hole. Of course, the casino won't lose the house edge against you, so you'll probably be left behind and crawl your way home. In a way, you can scratch yourself.

Can you do something? Yes, you can slow down your game. Imagine taking a loss and telling yourself harshly, "Yourself, don't do anything stupid." Don't bet more than usual; don't settle for the zeal to bet with a very high house edge and big payouts .

Play safe. Play wisely. Be wise to keep a low profile. There are still plenty of casino gaming days ahead.

Now let's say you stick to yourself, maybe a little bit low, maybe a little bit high, it's a question of when to leave.

Here are possible answers:

Your brain is telling other people, "It's time to stop and do something else." Then stop right away. Your session is over.
I'm tired. Time to get out of the game.
I think I'll enjoy the win until the next game. bingo! You quit the game.
I have very little to lose. I'll take a break and come back later.

Finding a way to win at roulette can be difficult. Game after game, you'll see cart markers placed in different areas of the betting layout. But knowing where it will be placed in future games is what confuses most roulette players.

So what are your options. Well, you can try spot a pattern by studying the area visited by the trolley markers on the betting layout. Is the next winning number left or right, up or down, in any of the four diagonal directions, and maybe even on the last result? Repeat the number directly.

Due to the randomness of roulette, the task of predicting future outcomes may challenge your intelligence more than any other casino game.

It can be argued to stick to a certain area of ​​the roulette betting layout, or bet around the area of ​​the last outcome, or stay as far away from it as possible, or somewhere in between. No matter what you try, the randomness of the game can leave you scratching your head when your predictions start to flow. It's this challenge that makes the game so enticing.

But assuming you don't just bet a number, if you bet about half of your chips outright, the game is less stressful and therefore more fun. For this, I designed a system; a car marking prediction system, and I will explain how it works and discuss its pros and cons.

If you don't want to be too expert on where to place your chips after you've determined your target area, you can occasionally bet on the two most important numbers you've identified; two target areas. For example, numbers #17 and #35 are key numbers, although #35 will cause you to start counting from number #2. You can bet on #35 and #17 as shown below.

Roulette 4
Sometimes sporadic bets pay off as you may be paid on one or more helicopters, splits or corners. This type of betting is more suitable when the game does not have enough time to bet before the next spin. If you're the type of player who likes to be a little looser when it comes to betting.

This is the heart of Dolly Marker's prediction system, it's about replicating the last two moves and trying to replicate them as close as possible on the betting layout, using no more than x18 chips.

In addition to one rep, you will be challenged with only eight choices at a time, as shown in the image below. all these are:

1. Upper right diagonal
2. Slope up to the left
3. Diagonal down

For some players, bigger is better - it's not just their stake or the size of their suite. There's also something special about playing at the world's largest casinos, which have a track record of space devoted to wagering and other enticing activities.

Inevitably, these blissful palaces have a wider range of accommodation options. But they also tend to offer more restaurants, better shows, and most importantly, a variety of gaming tables for you to place your bets on.

In addition to a wider range of games -- maybe even some new ones that haven't made it to your local casino -- more active people create a more active atmosphere. So if you think size matters, these five largest casinos in the world are worth checking out.

Buckle up and prepare to be overwhelmed. We won't be surprised if you start making reservations, booking flights, and building funds after reading this article.

The five largest casinos in the world are:

Winstar World Casino
The Venetian Macao
city ​​of dreams
Wynn Palace
1 – WinStar World Casino
Winstar World Casino


If someone were to ask you to guess the location of the world's largest casino, wouldn't bet in Sackville, Oklahoma, which is in the center of American Cowboy Country, not far from the Texas border. But surprisingly, the largest casino in the world is located there.

With 600,000 square meters of gaming space, WinStar is the largest gaming venue in the world. Winstar gets smart with its seemingly endless house-breaking opportunities, with 8,600 machines, 100 gaming tables, a fantastic poker room (it has 55 tables and has hosted multi-million dollar tournaments) and three High ceiling room.

To keep players entertained, the casino is divided into nine squares, each dedicated to a specific city. Beijing Gaming Plaza, for example, aims to replicate the Asian gaming experience, including baccarat derivative Dai Bac (with innovative high-stakes bets), mythical beasts scattered throughout for good luck, and a top-notch Mongolian restaurant.

New York Plaza features Mega Frenzy Bingo (essentially an old-fashioned game for churchgoers on steroids) and a horse racing book that tops the Big Apple's famous OTB (off-the-market betting). NYC Burger & Dogs offers food that makes the city proud.

When you need a break from gambling, there's a 36-hole golf course, a world-class swimming pool and plenty of shopping for winners looking to beat their luck.

2 – The Venetian Macao
The Venetian Macao

Even the oldest table games have new problems, with roulette, craps, and blackjack being favorites for the longest-running players.

Whether you're playing at an online casino or a live casino, you're playing a game with a long history.

Modern roulette wheels with 0 and 00 were used in Paris in the late 18th century. Craps has been around for centuries, and it is believed to have originated in a game called "Danger" played by English knights during the Crusades in the 12th century. Blackjack has many European ancestry, but its direct lineage seems to date back to vingt-et-un or 21 in France around 1700.

The game is still evolving, with new bets and side bets being introduced almost every year.

Let's take a look at three new additions. You won't find them anywhere yet. New bets take time to build a following and convince more casinos to give it a shot. They spread faster in online casinos than in live casinos, which have different space requirements and equipment investments.

For each of these options, here's how they work and how they affect your chances of winning.

Muggsy's Corner is designed to replace Big 6 and Big 8 bets on the craps table corners.

These bets can be replaced to some extent. They work the same as betting on 6 and 8, but pay less. If you bet Big 6 or Place 6, you win if the shooter rolls a 6, and you lose if the shooter rolls a 7. Big 8 and Place 8 work the same way as 8s instead of 6s. Problem: Big 6 and Big 8 pay the same amount, but assuming you bet a multiple of $6, the odds for 6th and 8th are 7-6. The big name has a house edge of 9.09%, but only 1.52% of the stake.

craps table
With these numbers, there is no reason to bet on a Big 6 or Big 8.

What do you do with the seat when you take those bad bets off the table?

A possible solution is Muggsy's Corner.

Players can place three main French bets or "calls" in the game of roulette. One is "Orphelins" and the other two are "Tier" and "Voisins Du Zero". These special betting selections can be placed manually or on the track betting layout on Single Zero European Roulette.

When manually betting Orphelins, five chips are placed in the grid section of the roulette table betting layout, resulting in a bet of eight numbers. These are straights and splits and pay 35 to 1 and 17 to 1 respectively.

In land-based casinos, only dealers can place chips on Orphelins using the track area on the actual roulette table betting layout. Therefore, the player must call the bet by the dealer.

However, when you play roulette online, you can choose Orphelins on the track yourself, and five chips will automatically appear on the table layout.

Read on to learn about Orphelins betting numbers, chip positions and how to adjust Orphelins betting into the Roulette betting system.

Ofirin's Numbers
The Orphelins betting option has eight numbers.

A sector contains the following five numbers: 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9.
The other sector contains the following three numbers: 6, 34, and 17.
Ofirin's Numbers
2 Or Sectors on Roulette
The eight Orphelins numbers seen on a roulette wheel are divided into two parts. Number pockets for each sector are grouped. The Tier and Voisins Du Zero share both parts on the bike.

Advantages of the Orphelins bet
The advantage of Orphelins betting is that five chips cover the eight numbers in two different areas of the wheel.

Betting on Orphelins on the track means you:

Bet fast as the dealer speeds up the roulette game.
Bet on all numbers associated with two sectors of the roulette wheel connected to the Orphelin numbered slot.
Using a betting position designed to pay the highest possibl odds, bet the minimum five chips required to cover the eight Orphelins numbers.
Rapid Orphelins Bet on Rapid Online Roulette Games
You decide when you think the ball is likely to land in a numbered pocket owned by Orphelins, then click or tap Orphelins in the Tour Betting area. Then apply your 5 chips to the table betting layout.

O'Ferrin's bet
FAQ section

The idea of ​​slot machines didn’t start with video and online slot machines, but modern formats have certainly given a huge boost to innovation.

Designers can only make a limited number with three physical scrolls. The reels had to be small enough to fit into the machine case, which limited the number of symbols and design options.

Still, just before the age of video and online, game makers showed creative sparks by placing bonus wheels on the towers of three-reel slot machines and developing "nudge" machines, where symbols that landed directly above or below a payline rose or Descend for possible winning combinations.

Even raffle prizes, a staple of online casinos and video slots in live casinos, have their roots in the three-reel era. WMS Gaming used the "Dotmation" screen above the physical reels to play Pick'em Bonus in the original version of Jackpot Party. Video and online slot machines have given a huge boost to the game.

However, the entertainment value and variety that slot designers can offer is truly enhanced by options tailored for video and online formats.

This proliferation of possibilities has resulted in a feature that has become a player favorite. Take a look at some of them below.

stacked icon
Online and video slot machines are not limited by the reel size. The reels can be programmed as long as the designer needs to ensure that the hit frequency and payback percentage are within the desired range and the game is fun for the player.

Since there are no physical size restrictions, slot machine manufacturers are able to incorporate stacked symbols. The same symbol can be repeated, repeated, and repeated over and over, allowing the same symbol to fill an entire column.

Match the stacks on the reels and you can fill the entire screen with the same symbols. When you do, you will win the maximum payout for that symbol on any payline. In a 5-reel, 40-line game, you win 40 times your 5 of its kind.

The trade-off that has to be made for these big wins is less frequent wins on fewer lines. The stack on the first reel eliminates the possibility of other symbols winning. With a stack of Ks on the first reel, you can only win by matching Ks on the second and third reels, and K-J-9 on the first reel opens up the use of these symbols on fewer paylines any of the odds of winning.

Hundreds of new slot machine games are introduced to the public every year. Some are innovative new themes. Some have created special creative new ways to play on already popular themes.

These games don't break out everywhere all at once. Games released in Nevada may take months to reach New Jersey or Pennsylvania, new online slot machines may or may not reach the online floor, and new live slot machines may take some time to reach online casinos.

Regardless, if games gain public attention, manufacturers will find ways to take them elsewhere.

The following five games are new to watch in 2022. You have the opportunity to reach out to the gaming public to a large extent.

Wolf Run Eclipse (IGT)
Wolf Run was a huge, long-term hit in the original game and a series of sequels. Howling wolves and outdoor graphics are captivating, while animations, videos, stacked symbols, special wilds and free spins bonuses keep players captivated.

The latest entry in the series is Wolf Run Eclipse, with five video reels and 40 paylines. It includes new features including progressive jackpots, free spins with four progressive levels and a lucky wheel bonus.


You want to see bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3, and then a wheel symbol on reel 4. This starts a wheel spin, which can award you linked jackpots starting at $10,000, or it can award five free spins, or one free spin progression.

When you win the mini spins, you get at least five free spins and a stack of barking wolf symbols. The secondary bonus awards 11 or more spins and two packs of wolves. The Major allows you to play 11 or more triple spins, and the Mega is special: the Triple Wolf has a whopping 102+ spins. This will send your credit score soaring.


Cashnado (Everi stock)
The main attraction is the green whirlwind of the dollar, which can deliver a whirlwind of victory in a hurry. But Cashnado is a five-axis system with 243 ways to win, has two themes - Flash Fire and Super Strike - and is feature-packed.

This is not a hold and spin game, but it does have circular symbols containing coin denominations. Landing a key symbol on the first or fifth reel wins the sum of these coins. Land Key on the first and fifth reels, the sum is doubled.

Sound effects warn you when big events are likely to happen. When the screen shows "Cashnado Warning", you will hear the sound "Attention: Cashnado Warning in effect".

When the display says Cash Grab is now available, it's time to pay attention. Then, if you land the Cash Grab Bonus symbol on the reels, a green tornado will take over the screen and blow out surrounding currency images. Your task is to touch the currency for loan prices and extra tips.

It is similar to the wind pavilion sometimes used for casino promotions. Players enter the booth, and a large number of fans spend their money on the lucky player.

Here the gale is virtual, the tornado is green, and you touch the screen instead of grabbing cash, but it's still a blast.

Monopoly Cheat Edition (Science Game)
The Monopoly slot machine has been doing great since the original version was released by WMS Gaming in the late 1990s. Today, WMS is part of the Scientific Games family, and Monopoly continues to release new games every year.

The Monopoly Liar Edition is a lot of fun - double the fun if you've ever wanted to move the dice to different numbers. Of course, that's not to say you'd do something like this in a friendly match, but if you've ever ended up on the Boardwalk with other players' hotels, you know the switcheroo fantasy is there.

Not only is cheating tolerated here, Mr. Monopoly is here to help.

In a five-reel game, you know it's cheat time when Mr. Monopoly lands on the first reel. Sirens sound and Mr. Monopoly spins the board up and down to add a bunch of wilds, or he rejects a losing spin, shaking the board and cloning the reels, allowing you to win the game.

Other times, Mr. Monopoly will slap the reels with his hands, causing old symbols to fall off and be replaced by better ones, or swing his magic hat on the reels to boost symbols.

After one of these cheats, he might also reach into his jacket and grab some extra cash to throw on your meter.

Monopoly board bonuses have separate cheats. When you hit the bonus, choose a symbol to determine how many dice you get. Mr. Monopoly can help covertly from the start. If you get three rolls, Mister Monopoly can rewrite this for a larger amount.

Mister Monopoly sometimes loses counts in your favor as you move around the board, and you can move extra squares to more valuable plots.

What you see isn't always what you get, but the difference works in your favor.


Rakin' Bacon Deluxe, Pirate Plunder and Golden Blessings (US game systems)
The original Rakin' Bacon game captured the imagination of players with its Cornsquealious Pig symbol. Cornsquealious is back with two new games under the Rakin' Bacon Deluxe theme.

Pirate Plunder has a pirate theme and, of course, graphics full of treasure chests, anchors, and ears of corn in pirate hats. Golden Blessings has an Asian theme, while Cornsquealious wears a hat with a good luck symbol.

Each game has its own free spins bonus. Landing the Harpoon symbol during the Pirate Plunder round with at least 12 spins adds to the row of symbols for even more chances of winning. In Golden Blessings, the lucky symbols add more rows, and you'll win 8 more spins when you reach a maximum of 8 rows and 16,807 ways to win.

As for progression in both games, you can choose from a field of 12 corn scream images, each hiding a progression level. If you match three, you win the corresponding jackpot - Mini, Minor, Major or Grand Prize.This is the same mechanic used in the original game, but there are some jackpot symbols in the deluxe game

However, the possibility of big stack wins is so popular that all major slot machine manufacturers offer games with stacked symbols. First, Konami has Fortune Stacks games, High 5 has Super Stacks, and Scientific Games has Big Green chips.

Stacks don't fit within the size limitat of physical reels, so they're an online and video treat.

Slot Machine Betting
hold and spin game
One of the most popular bonus formats today, Hold and Respin features special symbols. If you collect enough symbols (usually six symbols) on a regular spin, you will be locked. The reels then spin again, usually until three consecutive spins without special symbols.

After the spin is complete, collect coin prizes for each special symbol collected. These symbols are usually round and usually represent magic balls, coins or casino chips, each marked with the number of coins or the jackpot you won after completing the payout.

You'll also win the game's top jackpot if you manage to fill all the spaces with special symbols.

Players had a great time and looked forward to being rewarded for answering. The format has been used with great success by many game makers, the prime example being International Game Technology's Wheel of Fortune Mystery Link, where holding and respins can result in multiple jackpots. Konami Gaming's All Aboard features Locomotives as their feature trigger symbols, and Scientific Games' Cash Falls Ho Zhu expands the fun by adding locking symbols and enhancing the main game's big win chances.

Hold and Respin does not work with physical reel games, as each reel spins as a whole. You cannot catch symbols while the rest of the reels are free spins.

This leaves features reserved for online and video games.

The fun of wild symbols
Wild symbols have been part of slot machines for decades, including three-reel games. Wild symbols can be used to find other symbols. You have two bars and one wild which is the same as three bars. Two sevens and a clown? That's three sevens.

An exception occurs when specified on the machine. Slot games may tell you that wild symbols do not match bonus symbols, jackpot symbols or other symbols.

Online and video slots can make wild symbols even more special. Some bonus events lock the wild in place, so every time you land a wild on the screen, it stays there until the free are over.
Other games use expanding wilds that can range from filling a single block to filling an entire reel.

Still others use bank wilds. Certain symbols are each filled with wilds during the free spins round or a certain number of spins. These stored wilds are added to the screen during the last free spin in the main game or the last spin of the sequence. When you accumulate enough wilds, the odds of a big win increase.

Like Hold and Respin, none of these options apply to physical reel slots. The symbols on the physical reels are fixed. They cannot be replaced by Wild symbols, nor can the reels grow to accommodate additional Wilds.

Online and video slot players can enjoy crazy times not possible in traditional reel games.

How to bet Orphelins in Roulette?'s faster and more convenient just to choose your bet amount, eg B. $1, $5, $10 or whatever you decide. Then click or tap on "Orphelins" in the track area. should be my Orphelins bet size?
Choose the minimum bet size for each chip. For example, it might be $1, then five times your minimum bet total, which would equal $5, since betting Orphelins requires five chips.

Can I increase my stake after placing a bet with Orphelins?
After betting on Orphelins, you may feel confident or lucky to win and want to increase your stake. You can click or tap Orphelins again, or choose the option to double your stake. You can also reduce or increase the value of your chips and bet more Orphelins.

What should I do if I lose my Orphelins bet?
If you lose your Orphelins bet, you may decide

Skip to the next game or multiple games.
bet again
Increase or decrease your stake. If you are playing a long game, you may want to use a flat betting strategy.
Stop betting if your bankroll does not generate profit.
What are the odds of being paid out by Orphelins?
Not only is Orphelins' betting system designed to cover its 8 numbers with just 5 chips, but it maximizes payouts by arranging those chips with the highest odds.

In Roulette, if either number wins, the payout odds are 35 to 1 for a direct deposit win and 17 to 1 for a split win. Also, your bets on winning numbers will be refunded.

As part of the Orphelins betting system, there is a direct bet on pocket 1. After investing 5 chips, you will benefit from +31 chips. The calculation is as follows: +35 win + 1 chip return, minus -5 chips = total win + 31.
If you win 17th in the Orphelins betting system, you will be paid 17 to 1 twice. Total wins correspond to direct payout wins. The calculation is as follows: +17 win TWICE = +34, +2 chips returned, minus bet -5 chips = total win +31.
If you win on any other Orphelins number, such as B. Numbers: 6, 9, 14, 20, 31 or 34, you will win +13 in chips. The calculation is as follows: +17 win once = +17, return +1 chip bet, minus -5 chip bet = total win +13.
Probability of winning the Orphelins bet
Assuming all 37 numbers (including a single zero) appear once in 37 games, assuming you have almost a quarter chance of winning (37 divided by 8 = 4.625).

Potential Orphelins bet winner or loser
Earn one of the following points:

Six Orphelins numbers add 160% to your five-chip bet (5 plus 160% = +13).
And any two Orphelins numbers will increase your five-piece display by 520% ​​(5 plus 520% ​​= +31).
However, it is important that you exit the session when you are profitable. Of course, the above depends on the orphelins that appear in frequent clusters. We also assume a winning streak occurs when your bankroll is at breakeven.

If every number on the wheel was the result of all 37 games, your bet would be -5 x 37 = -185.
Total payout for one win on all eight Orphelins numbers = 140. The calculation is as follows: +31 wins twice = +62 AND +13 wins 6 = +78 total return +140. And +140, -185 = -45, which equates to nine losses when each game requires five chips.
Of course, as mentioned above, this assumes that all the numbers on the roulette wheel have their fair share of the outcome. But since roulette is a random game of chance,

Muggsy's Corner is a one or two craps wager with a 5.56% house edge. This is the same field advantage as when both 2 and 12 pay 2-1

On an out roll, Muggsy's Corner wins if the shooter rolls a 7, and loses if it rolls a 2, 3, 11, or 12. Here are six ways to win - six of the 36 possible rolls of two dice, for a total of 7 - six ways to lose, one with 2, two with 3, two with 11, and one with 12 closure.

Comeout winners will be paid 2-1.

If the out points are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 then Muggsy corner bets will stand. If the next roll is a 7, the Muggsy corner bettor wins at 3-1. All other throws are lost, so in the second chance, there are still six ways to win, but 30 ways to lose.

On average, you'll win the first round once every six bets and one win on the second round every nine times. Overall, you win 27.78% of your stake, while the dealer wins 72.22%. The odds of winning the first round are 2:1, and the odds of winning the second are 3:1, which means your average return is 94.44% of your wager, compared to 5.56% for the casino.

A new bet called 2G gives you the chance to get paid 350-1 on two reels. You win if the winning number on consecutive spins is 0 or 00.

2G'$ is designed for double zero rounds and has a house edge of 2.77%. This is lower than other bets on Double Zero Roulette, with an edge of 5.26% for all bets except 7.89% for the five-number basket of 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

Judging strictly by house edge, 2G'$ is a rare game because it is cheaper for players than the main game. However, there is a lot of volatility in the results. Single number bets win every 38 spins on average, while 18-number bets like red or black win every 2.1 spins, and 2G'$ wins every 361 spins on average.

This is how it works. There are 38 numbers on the double zero wheel, including 0 and 00. To count the number of possible two rotation outcomes, multiply 38 by itself, giving 1,444.

Four possible outcomes are the winner: 0 on the first spin and 0 on the second spin; 0 first and 00 seconds; 00 first and second; or 00 first and 0 seconds.

Divide the four winners and a total of 1,444 possibilities by four and you have a 1 in 361 chance of winning.

If you bet $1 per 361 spins, you risk $361. On average, you'll win once to collect $350 and keep your $1 stake. This will give the house a serial profit of $10.

Divide the $10 casino win by the $361 wagered, then multiply by 10 to convert to a percentage, and you'll have a 2.77% house edge.

Match the Dealer has been around a longer than Muggsy's Corner or 2G's, and it's easier to find, though it's not yet a casino staple.

This is a side note designed for blackjack or Spanish 21 blackjack variants. The odds and odds may vary between the two games, as Spain 21 uses multiple 48 cards instead of 52 cards, removing 10 squares.

blackjack table
If any of your first two cards match the dealer's top card, you win. There are bigger payouts if you match dealers in rank and suit.

In standard blackjack, offsuit odds are 4-1 when the game uses two, four or six decks. When there are five to eight decks, the odds drop to 3-1.

There is a bigger payout if you match the dealer in the same suit. Then payouts are 19-1 for two decks, 14-1 for four decks, 15-1 for five decks, 11-1 for six decks and 14-1 for eight decks.

Sets four and five are mostly found in live casinos that use automatic continuous mixers. Four or five deck games are very rare in online casinos.

The house edge is 3.3% with two decks, 4.8 with four or five, 4.1 with six, and 3.7 with eight.This is worse than many side bets, but not as cheap as the main game, whose basic strategy can reduce the advantage to less than 1%.

This makes Match the Casino Dealer a bet for players who like to chase the thrill of a bigger payout with one hand than you get in the main game.

The Venetian outpost in Macau - modeled after the original in Las Vegas, but more spacious - is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Also of note is the 550,000-square-foot casino, the second largest in existence. There are nearly 1,000 table games and 3,300 slot machines.

But, of course, baccarat rules the high-stakes habitat. you're thirsty while playing, waiters roam the casino in carts filled with sweet milk tea.

While gambling is the main focus, this place doesn't skimp on restaurants, with dozens of places to dine. Visit Cantonese-style Lei Gardens, English fish and chips at McSorley's Ale House, and top Italian food in Portofino, and travel the world with a taste of Venice.

Considering that nearby Hong Kong is a luxury shopping mall, The Venetian Macao has beefed up its Sands Shoppes, offering Chinese versions of Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. Because even the hardest gamblers need a break from the tables, shops and restaurants, there is an 18-hole golf course on the roof. Don't we all want to putt with vision?

If Las Vegas makes you homesick, The Venetian Macao offers the posh Fat Burger — Floyd Mayweather's favorite fast-food spot — that's as good as the famous Las Vegas Strip burgers.



In a place known in the world for its design-led casinos, Macau-based MGM Cotai really stands out.

From the outside, the Las Vegas spinoff appears to be made of slick blocks. Inside there are about 200 gaming tables spread over about 500,000 square meters (making it the third largest bookmaker in the world).

If you don't like blackjack or baccarat, please make yourself happy with about 1,000 slot machines. No matter what game you play, if you're a high roller, you need to check out MGM Cotai's new suite, which opens later this year.

Regardless of gaming addiction, everyone at MGM Cotai will eventually transition to The Spectacle, the world's largest collection of LED screens. It is an immersive experience focused on culture, art and nature. If you want to gamble there, you can always place a big/small bet on the age of the oldest coastal redwood in the world (answer: 2,520).

4 - City of Dreams
city ​​of dreams


Another offering in Macau is the fourth largest at 448,000 square feet with 450 gaming tables and more than 1,500 machines. Aside from the gambling, the place has a giant waterfall and a virtual aquarium - aptly called the Vquarium because the fish are digital, swimming around on giant LED screens.

As you sit at the baccarat and blackjack tables and yell "Monkey! Monkey!" (slang for Chinese players for a 10-value card.) Then head to City of Dreams' world-class spa in hope. Get pampered, then serve, starting in the front row.

4. Slant down in the left direction
5. Up
6. Below
7. Cross left
8. Turn right

Roulette Mode 5
However, if you use the last two results I think as moves, you'll have a fair chance at roulette to catch a forming pattern. It's wiser to stick to the last two moves instead of deciding which random area the cart marker will go to next. You're not always right, of course it depends on the future of outcomes inherent in the randomness of roulette, but sometimes even randomness needs access to this structure if you stick to the logical format I've explained.

Apart from the eight steps I mentioned above, the only other possibility is that the result repeats the previous one directly. So if #17 is the last result, #17 can be repeated. In this case, your betting part will be to place a chip near #17, creating one of your two moves.

Although on average over many games, immediate recurrence is unlikely to occur more than 1 in 36 games. But sometimes the repeated numbers appear more frequently. Just for it, you can overwrite the last number so that "what if it repeats" thoughts don't linger in your head.

If the last two moves are the same then your two betting options may be the same as the last two moves because if this trend repeats you will get more money as you will concentrate your chips on the area of ​​the roulette betting layout against the trolley Tag is sticky.

The advantage of this roulette system is that, while it is logical, it also has a less precise random factor as the area covered is slightly different due to the limited range of betting layouts. This is important because roulette is a random game of chance, and the randomness in the logical reasoning ensures that there is no free-running betting layout for trolley markers on uncovered areas. At least not all the time.

There are two main methods of prediction that people use when playing live roulette.

One way to do this is to place bets on a betting layout related to where the player thinks the ball will land next on the roulette wheel. For example, if a player thinks the ball will land near the right of zero, that is H. #32, #15, #19, #4, #21...(European Roulette), these numbers are covered by chips on the betting layout. Players can also choose to bet on multiple areas of the wheel, so any numbers they choose when taking into account where the ball might land on the wheel will be reflected in their betting layout on the wheel.
Another method of roulette prediction involves players placing bets based on where they think the cart mark will land next. For example, if you look at the same results; #1, #17, #35, #36, #9, #28, the pattern formed on the wheel from to result is different from the pattern formed on the betting layout.
Check out the two images below to see how the moves that form these patterns differ in roulette and betting layouts, albeit based on the same results.

Roulette Mode 1

Roulette Mode 2
You shouldn't consider too many previous results, or you'll be confused by the intersection of these patterns, and too much information will overcomplicate the goal of prediction. For random casino games like roulette, it's important to keep things as simple as possible. Using the latest results should ensure that you keep up with the order in which future results may appear.

How the Roulette Dolly Mark Prediction System Works
in action:

If you look at a large sample of roulette results and apply each result to a betting layout and connect the dots of the last result to the next, you'll see that these patterns are not permanent. Although some take longer than others. But they don't actually have to be permanent, because to try to profit from these ephemeral patterns, all you have to do is bet on them as they play a role in the formation of these patterns.
Using equal denomination x18 chips, returning half the 35-1 odds plus 1 chip bet, we'll focus on the last two moves in the roulette layout.

Let's look at the first three results: #1, then #17, then #35. What we've got so far tells us that the first step from #1 to #17 is to the right x5 digits diagonally up (counting on a street is easier to train). And the second step is just the opposite of the x6 number. So we will consider the last two actions and apply them to the betting layout.

Let's start with the first cart marker move and apply it. Steps 1 to 17 diagonal lines from x5 to the upper right. Let's repeat this action in the most logical order. The same diagonal can be shifted up by x5 numbers and we end up with #33. We're going to split our x18 chip and put half of it in this area. I will cover the numbers 27 to 36 in the third column (27, 30, 33, 36), these are x4 jackpots. I would then place chip #4 to cover numbers #26 to #35 in the second column (#26, #29, #32, #35). Total chips wagered so far = x8.

Next to the second cart marker move (#17 to #35) is a cross with an x6 number. Now we can't logically replicate this action because there is no number to the right of #35. And we have to count x6 squares to the right, so even if we say we're 29th, because we can't move six steps to the right, we have to place the most logical bet. It seems to me that these would include right but start at #35 at the end and imagine a betting layout with no edges, as if #34, #35 and #36 stacked on top of #35.1, #2 and #3 would be like a continuation of a wheel Hit the same. So we'll count the six numbered boxes to the right of #35 to get to #17. I'll introduce #14, #17, #20, which is a number on either side of #17.

We still have x7 chips left. It makes sense to cover #23 and #24 because they are in our target area. For the remaining five chips I will cover numbers #11, #12, #15, #18, #21.

I've highlighted betting options below.

My God, am I tired? Time to take a nap. Get comfortable in bed for a while.
My God, am I tired? Time to get a good night's sleep. Get comfortable in bed for a while.
Tip #6: Recommended Money Management System
Money management cannot give players an advantage over casino games. This is a hard truth that casino players need to know. You are in a negative situation that will inevitably come to light, both now and over time. Often now and over time. I sometimes wonder how many casino players are ahead of the games they love to play in their careers - short term or long term?

But good money management is a reliable tool for reducing losses. This is a basic idea that casino players need to keep in mind. Money management is one way to protect your gambling funds.

So here are my recommendations for a good money management system:

Set up a bank/checking account called 401G for your in-game currency. Deposit money into this account regularly. By the way, the "G" stands for gambling.
Only use the funds in this account to play at the casino.
Any casino winnings
https://www.jokerslotthai.netyou have will be credited to this account.
Make sure you have enough money to play at the casino for at least four hours a day. It could be less, but more could be a bug.
Your funds are allocated according to the number of sessions you will play. Do not play with all your funds.
Never allow yourself to lose more than a third of your total bankroll in one visit to the casino. Think of one trip as two game days.
Do not lend money to anyone to gamble. This is a bad investment. Remember Polonius' admonition to Lertius in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "Neither borrow nor borrow, for borrowing loses you and your friends, and borrowing diminishes the acumen of agriculture."
Tip #7: Don’t the COMPS
Too many players worry about the compensation they receive from casinos. In fact, some casino patrons see bonuses as freebies offered by casinos because these players are popular — for some reason. They think their masters (if they deserve masters) choose them for unspeakable reasons.

Comps are based on one simple factor: how much money the casino wants you to lose in a given time period. They will return some of it in the form of room, board and other "benefits".

Here's the simplest and wisest advice about the game: accept what they're giving you because you've got it from a potential loss, but never play to win. They come or they don't.

Everything went smoothly in and out of the casino!

This may sound ridiculous, because how can gamers play games they know very little about?

i can always see it

How many roulette players don't (perhaps never) realize how the banker loses bets; how the banker pays out winning bets; when a new round of betting is made and when no more bets are available? a lot of. Just listen to roulette dealers scold players who don't know how to play the game. This will answer the question above.

Ask roulette players what it means to bet "even money". Many people don't know why they are called "even money". They think the payout reflects a bet with no house edge!

I have been at a craps table where "experienced" craps players argued that their winning bets were not paid. Some people will argue loudly about this, and then the dealer (often annoyed) will say, "I haven't contacted you yet." Such players have been playing for decades and still don't know the payout sequence.

Some craps players don't know what the actual payout of their bet is. They just give up on such bets, I think they want and want to win whatever they want to win when they win. Some players don't even know what bets they have on the board!

Few blackjack players know that the game is generally divided into 48 house wins, 44 player wins and 8 draws. It is not a good idea to bet on the trend of live blackjack (in fact, it is never a "good" idea) because the trend is always against the player, except for unusual hands such as blackjack, double Doubles, splits, and doubles on splits.

Lack of knowledge doesn't make the game more fun - can it? I do not know.

Tip #2: A full table is best
"I prefer to play alone at the poker tabl," Joe said. Do not! Joe commits a big crime at the gaming table.

Slowness is the way to go in all casino games. This applies to every match and every player's desire to play. In addition to dominant players who generally want more and more decisions, the average player wants fewer and fewer decisions. By the way, almost all casino players are regular players and put themselves at risk.

why is that? Because the more money players bet on the game, the more money the house edge has to grind away.

However, the average poker table player usually wants to play alone, or with only a few other players at his or her table. This is a big mistake. Why would you let yourself lose more money? It doesn't make any sense to me. Losing more and winning more is the motto of casino players.

This advice also applies to slot players. Play the machine slowly. Let this machine be a machine in itself. Don't play two machines because you basically double your chances of losing.

Tip #3: Know the system you're playing
I enjoy playing with the gambling system most of the time. I love reading about them and listening to players play them. But not all gambling systems are good; in fact, no one can give players an edge over the house, anyone who thinks they can sell themselves coupons.

With a good system, you will lose less money over time; a bad system will cost you more money over time.

Is there a practical rule of thumb to differentiate between good and bad systems?

Bad systems often require raising the stakes when losses occur. Or, they ask for an increase when they make a profit.

Players like the idea of ​​increasing their stakes when they win because they feel that such wins need to continue. It's not like this. The streak has only happened in the past. It has nothing to do with now or when. The future is unknown; the past is not. But the past has nothing to do with the future. Too many casino players don't realize this.

Raising the ante is a bad idea. It just gives the casino more money for a fringe attack.

another example
Still not convinced? My friend Fred Renzey, author of the excellent Blackjack Bluebook II, also did research on "Bad Players Hurting Basic Strategy Players" and published it in his book. Instead of involving billions of computer-simulated hands, Renzey hit him at home for 500 rounds of blackjack at first base and at third base with the mythical "player from hell" . He doesn't specify the number of decks he uses or the rules of the game, but that doesn't affect the conclusions of his research.

Renzey played all 500 hands with perfect basic strategy, and the third baseman got every hand wrong. This includes some horrible mistakes like playing 16 against the dealer's 5, always separating 5s and 10s, and other stupidly bad games.

He meticulously recorded the outcome of each hand (win, lose or putt). Then he looked at the cards to see what the third baseman would have looked like if he had played his cards correctly. Comparing the results, Renzey concluded: "There's nothing in the 500 hands that makes a bad third baseman feel like it's going to affect everyone else's results."

In Chapter 4 of his book, you can view statistics on the number of wins, losses, and putts when third base players hit right and wrong. However, be aware of this: most statisticians would argue that drawing conclusions based on just 500 hands isn't really statistically significant.

bottom line
Players don't have to worry about whether the first or third base player knows the basic game strategy, as it doesn't affect the player's long-term expectations. Instead, players should focus on the following things before sitting at a blackjack table to maximize their long-term results.

Blackjack hand payouts. Never sit at a blackjack table where blackjack pays 6 to 5 or even money. Play only where you can get a 3 to 2 blackjack bonus.

game rules. You want a decent mix of player-friendly rules. For example: the dealer stands on a soft 17; any two cards can be doubled; doubles are allowed after the pair is split.
The number of decks. If the rules of the game are still favorable and the odds are 3 to 2 in blackjack, the fewer decks the better for the player.
The number of players sitting at the table. More players means fewer rounds per hour, reducing your theoretical loss per hour.
Minimum and maximum betting limits. If your bankroll is limited, you will need to bet at lower minimum tables to avoid losing your bankroll too quickly.
Carry a strategy card with you to ensure you play each hand correctly. best chance of winning, or at most losing less or playing longer, is to play every hand perfectly by following basic game strategies.
Ignore how your opponents play their hands. Instead, focus on the cards played each round. If you observe that more low and high cards are dealt in earlier rounds, it means you can expect more high cards to be dealt in future rounds, which is a player friendly situation, so you More should be considered.
Final tip
Here's what I wrote in my last article on blackjack misinformation, and it certainly holds true for a magazine article.

If you don't know the background of someone giving blackjack strategy advice in print or online, I suggest you google their name to see if they're a famous player, author, or even better, respected Blackjack author. mathematician behavior. Otherwise, you may end up reading more misinformation about the game.

Let me start with the misunderstanding that players playing the wrong way (ie not using basic game strategy) "change the odds for each player". the fact is:

Blackjack is not a team sport. In the long run, poor performance by other players will not affect the casino's advantage over you.
Don't believe me look at these studies conducted by two different blackjack experts.

My friend Michael Shackleford, an internationally recognized expert in the mathematical analysis of casino games including blackjack, ran a random computer simulation to "prove that bad players cause other The myth of players losing at higher rates in blackjack". He published the results on his website.

Shackleford programmed his software according to the standard rules of the Liberty Las Vegas Strip at the time. These include: six decks; dealer standing on soft 17; doubling down on the first two cards allowed; doubles allowed after pair splits; late deliveries allowed; players can reallocate to four hands including aces Card.

During the first 1.6 billion computer simulation rounds, both players followed the correct basic game strategy for each hand. The expectation of the first player to act is -0.289%, and the expectation of the second player is
-0.288% (both basically the same, as expected).

In the second 1.05 billion hand simulation, the first player followed the same correct basic game strategy, while the second player (let's call him the incompetent player) followed the same strategy, except for these silly games:

always hit 12 to 16
always doubles 9 to 11
share any pair
never give up
never soft double
I'm sure you'll agree that this portrays an unsuspecting blackjack player. The authors of the magazine article believe that the expectations of the players should be much worse due to the poor performance of the opposing players. However, this is the finding of Shackelford's second study.